The Three Main Techniques That May Be Used by Your Physiotherapist

18 July 2022
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Physiotherapy is a style of treatment that views the body as a whole and uses various methods to restore movement and function. It can be used to treat a wide range of afflictions and incorporates several techniques, but there are three main approaches.

Firstly, your therapist will give advice and education on how to deal with your problem. This will not focus purely on the injury you are trying to treat but will consider how to prevent further injury through a healthy lifestyle. You may be given advice on exercise, diet and keeping your weight under control, which will not only contribute to future health but will also help with the management of your condition. You will also be given specific advice on how to manage your problem. This may include advice on good posture, how to avoid twisting muscles in a harmful way, or proper instructions on how to lift and carry heavy objects, depending on the kind of activities that may have caused or exacerbated your injury.

Secondly, you may be prescribed a course of exercise. This is likely to involve particular movements to build up strength. Again, these exercises may be focused on the specific part of your body that is causing trouble or may be directed to build up strength in your whole body. Specific exercises will involve repetitions of particular movements that will improve flexibility and strength, while more holistic exercises are likely to involve swimming, walking or other light exercises to build up general mobility. You may also be given mobility aids to help keep you on the move.

The last main form of treatment involves manual therapies. This is where the therapist uses their hands for massage or manipulation of the joints and muscles to help get them moving properly. Manual techniques can help to improve the mobility of a particular joint; they can also increase blood flow to the affected area and relieve pain in the muscles. They are therefore more likely to be targeted to a particular area rather than the body as a whole, although a full-body massage can also be highly beneficial in improving relaxation and reducing anxiety.

Your physiotherapist will decide which techniques to use after a full examination and discussion of your symptoms. Make sure you understand any advice that is given, and you will be on the way to a full recovery. 

For more information about physiotherapy, contact a local therapist.