A Guide on Providing Multicultural Health Care.

26 February 2019
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Multicultural health care centres aim at providing health services to patients with diverse cultures. This article discusses a few considerations that those who work at medical centres should make when providing health services to people from culturally diverse backgrounds.  Communication.  Medical personnel should not assume that every patient is proficient in the dominant language. If you notice that the client has limited knowledge of the language that you speak, talk slowly to ensure that he or she understands what you are saying. Read More 

Applications of Nuclear Medicine

29 November 2018
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Nuclear medicine tests are a highly useful tool in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of illnesses including heart disease, bone infections, tumours and cancer progression. They are both safe and painless. Small amounts of radioactive substances known as radiotracers are injected into the patient's bloodstream, ingested or inhaled. This radiotracer travels through the bloodstream through to the area being examined then emits gamma rays that are detected using a special camera that is called a gamma camera. Read More 

3 Insights for Establishing a Private Physiotherapy Practice

16 October 2018
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As a practising physiotherapist looking to open a private practice, you need to understand that business success is not guaranteed. However, with proper direction and dedication, starting and running a successful private physiotherapy clinic is possible. For instance, your commitment should demystify the myth that physiotherapy is a luxury item, which is a misconception that many of your prospective clients might hold. This article highlights a couple of surefire strategies that you can use to run a successful physiotherapy private practice. Read More 

Treating Prostate Cancer with Robotic Surgery

25 July 2018
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A diagnosis of cancer is extremely worrying for the patient, their friends and their family. Thankfully advances in medical treatments for prostate cancer mean that men diagnosed with this condition have a very promising option: robotic surgery. Treatment options for prostate cancer No patient is exactly like any other, and, if you've been diagnosed with prostate cancer, your treatment options will depend very much on your personal health and circumstances. Before embarking on treatment, your doctor will need to assess the extent of your cancer in order to understand which options or combination of treatment options are right for you. Read More 

When to Visit a Medical Centre Between Standard Checkups

22 August 2017
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It's often recommended that adults visit a family doctor on a regular basis—annually or even more often, as your doctor recommends. However, you may want to consider visiting a medical centre between your standard checkups if you have a medical issue that isn't an emergency but which shouldn't wait until your next standard appointment. While your doctor is always the best person to tell you when it's time to visit a medical centre, note a few conditions which you might discuss with him or her, and which might warrant a visit to a physician as soon as possible. Read More