Cosmetic Enhancement: Procedures to Complement Your Brow Lift Surgery

16 October 2017
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As people age, the tissues of the forehead lose their elasticity and suppleness. This gradual deterioration of the skin, in turn, causes the youthful contour of the face to decline. If you have noticed these cosmetic issues, you should consider having an eyebrow lift surgery. This procedure will eliminate the horizontal wrinkles from the forehead. Also, it will raise sagging brows which create a hooded appearance over the eyes. In general, a brow lift surgery will give your eyes an alert look while minimising wrinkles and frown lines in the upper face. Read More 

Understanding Cholesteatoma

11 July 2017
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Cholesteatoma affects the middle ear and is characterised by an abnormal growth that typically starts behind the eardrum. The growth is composed of cysts and skin, and it will grow in the ear canal if left untreated. This can cause permanent damage to the middle ear, and if an infection takes hold, it can spread to your nasal passages and brain. Here's what you need to know about cholesteatoma: Causes And Symptoms Read More