The Benefits of Having Designated Employees Trained in First Aid

5 June 2018
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From risk assessments through to safety procedures, there are lots of ways to make your workplace safer. However, even with the best of efforts there's always a chance that an employee or customer will need first aid. Courses like Hitaid 003 Provide First Aid Courses throughout Australia offer plenty of benefits. You'll buy time if a workplace-related injury occurs Following any injury or traumatic event, the victim in question will encounter the greatest first aid benefits when they receive care within the first hour. Read More 

Answering a Patient’s Questions About a Compounding Pharmacy

30 April 2018
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A compounding pharmacy is one that makes medicines from scratch and in various forms, rather than simply reselling pills and packaged syrups. Your doctor may have recommended you visit a compounding pharmacy for your prescription needs, or you may want to discuss this option with your doctor, depending on the medication you're taking and its form. Note what is meant by that, and a few commonly asked questions about this type of pharmacy, so you can determine if they can help you with your prescription needs. Read More 

Prescription Eyewear: How to Buy Prescription Glasses Online

26 March 2018
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To get your prescription eyewear in the past, you had to visit a brick-and-motor eyeglasses shop or get them from your optometrist. However, the internet has revolutionised almost every industry, including the eyewear market, so people can now easily buy their prescription glasses online in a fast, easy and convenient manner. If you have never bought prescription eyewear online, you might naturally be a bit resistant to this. However, the reality is that more and more people are taking advantage of this online business platform due to its benefits. Read More 

Five things your GP wants you to know about referrals

3 January 2018
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Patients often need a referral when going to see a different doctor or a new allied health professional.  Many don't understand why the referral is so important or why they need to physically see their GP when getting a new referral.  They are more than just a piece of paper! Here are five things your GP wants you to know about your next referral. Referrals are important communication devices Seeing a new patient can be daunting for a doctor. Read More 

Cosmetic Enhancement: Procedures to Complement Your Brow Lift Surgery

16 October 2017
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As people age, the tissues of the forehead lose their elasticity and suppleness. This gradual deterioration of the skin, in turn, causes the youthful contour of the face to decline. If you have noticed these cosmetic issues, you should consider having an eyebrow lift surgery. This procedure will eliminate the horizontal wrinkles from the forehead. Also, it will raise sagging brows which create a hooded appearance over the eyes. In general, a brow lift surgery will give your eyes an alert look while minimising wrinkles and frown lines in the upper face. Read More