Should I get this funny spot on my penis checked out?

20 June 2017
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Genitals are funny places on the body. We keep them warm and dark most of the time and occasionally take them out to introduce them to other genitals on other people's bodies. It can be a shock if your penis does suddenly gain a new spot. Here are some tips to help you decide if you need to get it checked out: 

Is it a slow change or a dramatic change?

The penis, like all areas of the body, is covered in skin that can change texture and colour over time, particularly as we get older. If you have always had a spot that has slowly changed colour or size it may simply be a normal issue related to hormones or a change in sun exposure. It can be worth getting a sexual health check up to make sure there is no underlying issue and you can feel confident in your genital health. 

Is it itchy or painful?

It's not a great sign if your spot starts itching or feeling uncomfortable. Many over-the-counter soothing creams are not recommended for the genital region either. Itching or pain can be a sign of a fungal infection (which is relatively easy to treat) or an indicator of a range of sexually-transmitted and/or infectious diseases that require serious and immediate attention. As it can be hard to fully view and assess the extent of an itchy spot in such a tricky to view area, it can be a good idea to get the spot assessed by a medical professional so that they can see if there are any other issues at play and give you a medication you might need to fix or at least soothe the area. 

Is there any discharge or bleeding?

If the spot on your penis is emitting discharge or bleeding, it's important to get it checked out quickly. Not only is this a potential sign of a range of issues, including cancers and sexually transmitted infections, it also makes it much easier for you to contract infections during sexual contact. In many cases, this is still a relatively minor issue and can easily be resolved with appropriate medication and some wound dressing. 

If you find that you have an unusual spot on your penis it is a good idea to get it assessed by a medical professional. They can give you a professional assessment, medication if needed, and some advice on how to reduce discomfort. 

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