The Benefits of Having Designated Employees Trained in First Aid

5 June 2018
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From risk assessments through to safety procedures, there are lots of ways to make your workplace safer. However, even with the best of efforts there's always a chance that an employee or customer will need first aid. Courses like Hitaid 003 Provide First Aid Courses throughout Australia offer plenty of benefits.

You'll buy time if a workplace-related injury occurs

Following any injury or traumatic event, the victim in question will encounter the greatest first aid benefits when they receive care within the first hour. Medics often refer to this time period as the 'golden hour'. When successful interventions take place during the golden hour, the injured individual stands a stronger chance of surviving. By designating employees to provide first aid coverage, you increase chances of survival.

You can boost your first aid kit with a defibrillator

Having a defibrillator onsite is essential if you want to increase the chances of survival following a cardiac arrest. Individuals who encounter a cardiac arrest have around a smaller chance of survival when CPR takes place outside of a hospital environment. However, that chance of survival decreases even more when there's no defibrillator onsite. When someone in your workplace has the right training, you can add a defibrillator to your first aid kit and reduce the risk of fatalities.

You can inspire a greater sense of trust amongst your customers

If your business involves a lot of customer-facing activities one of the simplest ways to instill a sense of trust in them is to make your business safer. For example, if you're running a daycare centre or a busy restaurant, being able to tout your first aid qualifications may leave customers feeling as though your business is more trustworthy than your competitors. Having a designated first aid employee is especially advantageous when a lot of your business's activities revolve around vulnerable persons, including senior individuals and children. 

You'll ensure employees use your first aid kit correctly

When you have a first aid kit in the workplace, minimizing incorrect use is essential for a couple of reasons. If your employees use the wrong treatments or equipment, they can exacerbate an injury. Additionally, incorrect use means equipment goes to waste, which then increases costs for your company. With a designated first aid employee, you lessen the likelihood of both scenarios.

From making your workplace safer to inspiring confidence amongst the general public, there are lots of reasons to train your employees in first aid.