3 Insights for Establishing a Private Physiotherapy Practice

16 October 2018
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog


As a practising physiotherapist looking to open a private practice, you need to understand that business success is not guaranteed. However, with proper direction and dedication, starting and running a successful private physiotherapy clinic is possible. For instance, your commitment should demystify the myth that physiotherapy is a luxury item, which is a misconception that many of your prospective clients might hold. This article highlights a couple of surefire strategies that you can use to run a successful physiotherapy private practice.

Specialisation. As you already know, patients need physiotherapy treatment for different reasons. As such, your clientele will range from accident victims to children, the elderly, athletes and others. Before commencing marketing efforts for your medical services, you need to understand that your startup physiotherapy practice might not handle the all different types of patients effectively. The best strategy is to specialise in one or two areas. For instance, if you are good at general physiotherapy but excellent with the elderly and children, it is best that you focus on the latter. If you try to cater to everybody that comes through your doors, then you will likely offer only essential services. Specialisation, on the other hand, will ensure that you satisfy all of your clients' therapeutic needs.

Consider Complementary Services. After successful treatment, most patients go back to their healthy lives. Therefore, you can take advantage of the existing client base to offer complementary services. For example, pilates and yoga are both movement-based exercises that can hugely benefit physiotherapy patients. You can add the complementary classes to your product offering once patients are done with their treatment. The programs can be provided at an extra cost or free of charge for the first few classes. Such complementary services attract other clients and diversify your revenue sources.

Partner Up. If you do your research well, you might find out that there are many practising physiotherapists in your locality looking for partners. Partnering up with fellow practising physiotherapists is an excellent strategy when getting started. When collaborating, it is best to go after sole practitioners who prefer not to deal with the overhead associated with running and managing an office. In most cases, sole practitioners have a ready clientele base but limited capacity to deliver. Therefore, you can take advantage of the opportunity to get additional customers to boost your new venture. Besides, you can treat the arrangement as a symbiotic relationship wherein the sole practitioner brings in their clients while you provide a properly equipped physiotherapy clinic.