How To Get The Most Out Of Physiotherapy

15 January 2019
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General physiotherapy can be useful for a variety of injuries, long-term conditions and short-term health problems. However, if you've never experienced any type of physical therapy, it can be difficult to get the most out of it. By following the simple tips below, you can benefit from a great physiotherapy experience.

Choose Your Physiotherapist Carefully

There are many types of physiotherapists with many different personalities, and choosing the right one will go a long way towards making your treatment successful. As Very Well Health explains, there are many different therapeutic techniques, from massage to the use of heat to joint mobilisation. The right type of physiotherapy for you will depend on your goals and your current health — don't be afraid to ask your GP or specialist what would be best for you. As well as choosing a physiotherapist who meets your individual needs, you should choose one who suits your personality and who makes you feel safe and respected. Finally, you should make sure that their location is easily accessible for you, as this will make attending appointments much easier. 

Give Your Physiotherapist The Right Information

Seeing a physiotherapist gives you the chance to explain your pain, whether you're recovering from an injury or dealing with a long-term condition. Let them know how your body feels, what makes it hurt and when your pain is worst. Everyday Health suggests keeping a pain diary, which will help you to notice weather-based, activity-based or seasonal patterns. You should also be sure to keep your physiotherapist in the loop about how their therapies are working. This works both ways too — take a notebook to your sessions to take note of any advice you're given. 

Be Diligent About Your Exercises

It's likely that your physiotherapist will give you 'homework' to do in the form of stretches and exercises — and if you want to get the most out of your physiotherapy, it's essential to do them. These exercises can feel challenging or tedious, but there are ways to motivate yourself. Better Health suggests that you can motivate yourself to do any exercise by keeping a training diary of how you feel and by rewarding yourself for reaching small goals. Think of a way of integrating your exercises into your daily routine in a way that makes you want to do them.

Keeping yourself motivated and getting the most out of physical therapy can be challenging, but if you are honest with yourself and your physiotherapist, as well as making a wise choice about which therapist to see, you can ensure a productive and rewarding experience.